Walk, Coach, and Train is a unique offering specific to me as a coach. Over the years many of my clients evolved into something deeper that just training in the gym. We needed to tackle a little more. We needed to attack some of the life stuff that was holding them back from achieving everything they dreamed of. The walking sessions were born from that. A walking session is just that. We move the body while we sort through whatever we need to sort through to help you become your best. Click here to hear from some individuals who decided this service was necessary and what happened for them.

Personal Training - Are you ready to learn technique, get help with programming, or just be pushed in the gym? If so that is what my personal training offers. I like to push and educate at the same time. My motto is “if I cannot tell you the intention of something then we don’t need to do it.” My specialties include new to training, youth athletes, and those who just want to make sure they are doing the right thing.

Individualized Online Programming - Have you ever stepped into the gym and just didn’t know what to do? This is what I help with. Online programming includes nutrition guidance, lifestyle guidance, and a completely individualized program. What does that mean? It means that the program is specifically designed to fit your schedule, your needs, your equipment and your goals. All the greats you follow have an individualized program. Templates can work and at some point will miss things you need. Example Client: Extremely busy athletic individual that travels for work. We need short, efficient, and effective workouts 3 days a week and 2 longer training days to fill in the blanks. It also needs to be flexible.

Connect on the Podcast - One Small Action is a passion project for me. I love connecting and hearing stories, diving into the Science and Psychology of training, and sharing some poetry. If you want to be a guest on the show or have something you want to learn about I want to hear from you.

Nutrition Consultation or Monthly Accountability - What does a nutrition consultation look like? To put it simple I like to get a lot of questions answered, some paperwork taken care of, and then I design a plan for you to follow. This comes with Macronutrient recommendations, some guidelines to follow, and direction to learn from. Why one time design and consultation when nutrition has to be updated? Well I found that people want information and permission to do what feels right for them. The monthly accountability? This is for people who are ready to really follow a plan and learn from it. It’s not for the faint at heart and not for those that want to follow some of the time.